How To Wrap Your Couch For Moving

 If not properly wrapped, your couch can be scratched and damaged during transportation. It is important to read our guide before attempting to pack your couch and other furniture.

Moving can be difficult and tiring so you do not have to make it costly too by 250709_367917543315357_1458168134_nrushing when packing your couch or sofa.

Of course, the best way to relocate is by hiring moving services Calabasas. Moving companies can provide professional packing and transportation services, so it is always a good idea to hire one!

Here is a simple guide on how to wrap and pack your couch for moving:

1.       Clean and make way

The first thing you should do is clean your couch. Dust can make your job a lot more difficult. After you finish cleaning, make sure there are not any objects in the way. You will mostly push the couch out of the house so the floors have to be clean too!

2.       Pick a high quality wrapping material

In order to ensure the best protection for your couch, you have to choose an appropriate wrapping material. Shrink wrap protects your couch against dust and scratches that may result from bumps and trepidation during transportation. Paper, can also protect your couch, but it can easily tear up. If you use paper, make sure you double layer the couch or sofa! Moving services in Calabasas can also provide packing services and the advantage is that they will bring their own moving supplies!

3.       Dismantle it

Your couch cushions and frames can be taken off. Moving something in smaller pieces is of course, a lot easier. So if your couch or sofa can be dismantled, it is advisable that you do it.

4.       When loading

When you load the couch or sofa, find enough space on the truck and make sure other objects cannot fall on it. You can put other boxes on your couch or sofa, but make sure the contents are not too heavy. Be very careful when loading and unloading the furniture form the truck!

If you need help packing and moving, our company can provide all the necessary services! Make sure to contact us by visiting our website!