How to Pack a Bedroom in Calabasas, Los Angeles!

When faced with a future moving, packing up the bedroom turns out to be one of the most exhausting, time-consuming and frustrating step. Usually it is one of the last rooms to pack and our stamina is already low enough. Nevertheless, you must be sure that all the packing is being done with the utmost care.  After all here is where we keep most of our personal belongings and we do not want them to be broken or get dirty.

A typical bedroom contains a huge amount of items: wardrobe, shoes, beds, pillows, lamps, mattresses, framed photos. You must gather many supplies in order to be fully prepared for moving. All sorts of larger and smaller boxes must be acquired along with furniture pads and plastic mattresses covers. You must first clean up your room from top to bottom and cast aside items that you do not want to take anymore. Eventually you can sell them or donate them.

happy couple moving companyPack your clothes in large wardrobe cartons after you have folded them with care. Shoes can be also placed here if you wrap them in paper or any other wrapping material. Seal the cartoons with the help of a tape gun. It is also recommended to label the cartons with the help of a marker, to avoid mishandling or confusion.  For pillows and blankets is useful to use large boxes, but do not worry, they are relatively light. Lamps must be dismantled with bulb and shade wrapped separately in newspapers or bubble wrap. Place the lamp components in the same carton and mark them as fragile.

One big problem is how to pack your bed and other heavy pieces of furniture. Try to dismantle your bed frame so you can move it much efficiently in smaller section.  The same advice is available for other furniture items. Be careful and save enough room for them, they are quite large items. Moving heavy furniture can be extremely exhausting but if you want help call movers in Calabasas. They will know what to do and how to do it.

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