5 Simple Money Saving Tips for Moving in Los Angeles!

We all want to hire an affordable Los Angeles moving company, but this is not the only way to save money. We present you 5 simple money saving tips for moving in Los Angeles:

Los-Angeles_moving-300x2011)     Reuse the original boxes. We are always advised to keep the original box when we buy a product. Most of us do not follow this advice and throw the box away.  If you still have original boxes, you should use them when moving.  They are built specifically for those items and they also have wrapping materials (bubble wrap or polyethylene foam).  Check if they are intact and if they are, use them. You will surely save a lot of money.

2)     Repurpose old clothes, rugs and towels. You can use them as wrapping materials and wrap books, cutlery and many other non-fragile things.  This is a free alternative for buying packing paper.  Still, for some fragile items, you should buy more durable and shock absorbent materials.

3)     Try to get free boxes or at very advantageous prices.  You can ask at grocery stores or liquor stores if they have a surplus of boxes.  Also, large brands, like McDonalds or Starbucks, send shipments very often to their stores. So, there are great chances of finding boxes of different sizes there. You should talk with the managers and if they do not want to give you freely, you can bargain for a cheaper price.

4)     Organize a garage/yard sale.  Sort all your belongings and if you find items that you no longer want to take in the new home, place them aside.  You can later organize a garage sale and sell them. You will earn some money that will reduce the relocation costs.

5)     Seek for promotional offers. If you consider hiring a mover, check if there is any mover with promotional offers.  Also, if you purchase several services from the same mover, ask for a discount.

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