3 Tips On How To Disassemble and Move Items in Culver City and nearby cities!

Packing is never easy, there are so many rooms and items to be handled and so little time. And we usually must do that in several hours. InTETRRF-00008377-001 order to be more effective, then you must learn how to disassemble your items into manageable components. You can always call any of the many movers Calabasas has to provide and ask for counseling and assistance. If you want to know more, we can share 3 tips on how to disassemble and move items in Culver City and nearby cities:

–  Disassembling electronics. You must be very careful with electronic components and read first the user manual. Here is where the manufacturer usually specifies how that specific item can be disassembled and if there are particular condition or materials required for packing. You must shut down the device first and unplug all the cords and cables.

Audio systems, desktop PCs, home cinema systems, they all have several components that can be disconnected and wrapped and packed individually. It is important to memorize the order of components or to use the user manual when you will want to reassemble that system. Labeling the components is recommended.

–  Disassembling furniture. Heavy furniture pieces are difficult to carry. If possible, disassemble the furniture into manageable parts. Remove all the objects from shelves or drawers. Clean the items first.  Keep the nuts and bolt in a designated box or bag and be sure not to forget it.  Do not forget to asses first the dimensions of your furniture and see if it can fit through doorways and corridors.

Disassembling hot tubs. If you want to move your hot tub, then you must disconnect all plumbing and let the tub dry. You must pack all the accessories separately. These are: blower, pumps, plumbing units, electrical units and heater. We advise you to label and number them.  After all the plumbing and cables have been removed, you can use dollies to move the tub.

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